EU continues corporate governance reform

December 14, 2012

triceratops EU continues corporate governance reformLike a slow, inevitable, irresistible piece of origami, the EU’s plans on corporate governance reform in line with general CSR principles continue to unfold.  This latest instalment looks at corporate governance and follows on from a public consultation and green paper in 2011.

Sixteen areas have been identified and put into an action plan.  Some will require regulatory changes, all will be enacted during 2013 unless further investigation is required and all, with the exception of the SPE proposal, will apply to all listed companies across the EU.

Generally they fall into three broad categories: transparency, shareholder power and cross border ownership.

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Mind mapping website data

November 20, 2012

A very Escher Christmas Mind mapping website dataSometimes the simplest things in life are so darned simple it’s like running full tilt into a brick wall.

Take data presentation for example.

In the brave new world of data journalism, I spend much of my life digging around in corporate websites trying to put together facts and figures.  Usually I don’t care about the surrounding story: just nice articulated figures.

Like carbon emissions: how many plants does a manufacturer have and what are their respective emissions?  Or, supposing I was into IR, what are the business’ product lines and their respective turnover and net profit?

It’s not that the figures are hidden or even deliberately obscured.  It’s just that getting hold of them quickly and easily is like throwing yourself at the ground and expecting to miss: impossible.

Then I stumbled upon a site which made it all so wonderfully simple using one of the simplest of tools around: mindmaps.

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Shining transparency into CSR websites

November 15, 2012

Light in the forest Shining transparency into CSR websites
Think of elves … what do you get?

Happy chappies I’ll bet, full of light and song and laughter.  That’s the legacy of Victorian Romantics for you.

In reality their folklore tradition is more complicated.  Often seen as the root of minor ailments, elves were sometimes portrayed as having more malign intentions.

Even in modern literature, the great elf-lord of them all J.R.R Tolkien (not Timothy McGee) made sure there was at least one pure-evil elf in his Middle Earth cycle, Maeglin.

The reason for this odd intro is because this illusion/reality concept reminds me of Canada.

Canada?  Yes, Canada.

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New CSR Regulation Coming Your Way

January 18, 2012

eu law csr New CSR Regulation Coming Your WayAs has been stated many times, I’m a firm believer that the EU will introduce mandatory CSR regulation in the very near future.

This is not an article of faith (or want), simply a fact which springs from what the EU has said that it’s going to do.  In the timetable for implementing on the Single Market Act (PDF), passed in late 2011, the EU said the Single Market would include a “legislative proposal on the transparency of the social and environmental information provided by businesses”.

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Balfour Beatty : Building for the Future | FTSE 100 Website Reviews

May 25, 2011

Digger FGS Plant Hire Balfour Beatty : Building for the Future | FTSE 100 Website ReviewsIn these straitened times it is perhaps unsurprising that the construction sector is a little more down on its uppers than usual.  Because of this, Balfour Beatty aren’t actually in the FTSE100.  At present.  They’ve been in and out like a yoyo the last couple of years and are currently out.

However, for the purposes of this post, I’m going to pretend it’s 2009 all over again, and they’re in.

Balfour Beatty’s sustainability web offering falls into three bits: Sustainability on the main site, the current Sustainability report (2010), and the microsite for that report.

Taking the offerings in that order…

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