Organization Dashboards — Seeing The Big Picture

September 23, 2008

In the past they were known as Executive Information Systems. The purpose was to give the C-Suite a highly focused set on metrics to be used for decision-making. Now, due to advances in computer technology and web applications, they are called Corporate Dashboards. VisualMining has a good definition

To the uninitiated, a Corporate Dashboard is a comprehensive summary of operational business metrics. That is, it centralizes a business’s information systems from Finance, Human Resources, Sales, etc, to give executives and appropriate employees a tactical view of the company’s (and individual’s) performance.

NOTE: They are not cute replicas of car or airplane consoles so you can “drive your business” or “adjust the corporate trim.”

dashbo1 Organization Dashboards    Seeing The Big Picture
Simply put dashboards are meant to present information in a holistic manner that permits it to be easily understood and to see relationships that would otherwise be missed.

This VisualMining site has many resources for developing dashboards. They offer examples of dashboards, articles, webinars and more. A site worthy of a visit.

Dashboards are not just for corporations. Their use transcends organization type, government, non-profits and education all use dashboards. One of the reasons why dashboards work is that they use visualization methods (see Business Visualization).

Another good content site is DashboardSpy the “look and feel” leaves something to be desired but it has good content. It has many examples of Dashboards and good articles. There is a reference to a dashboard that may not be directly related to business, but you have to see the Olympics Medals Dashboard.

Other sites worth visiting are DashboardInsight organized display, good navigation, examples and articles.

Dashboards are starting to be used in Corporate Governance.

Because of the complexity associated with Corporate Governance compliance and management, dashboards could be very effective tool.

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