Evaluate Your Brand with the Corporate Branding Success Quiz

August 11, 2008

How well is your company doing in terms of developing your brand?  Take my Corporate Branding Success Quiz below to find out where your efforts stand.

Respond to the 10 statements below using a tiered scale as follows: 1=Never, 2=Sometimes, 3=Always

  1. Employees and customers know the one word that your brand occupies in consumers’ minds.
  2. Customers know what to expect from your brand.
  3. Employees can clearly articulate your brand statement.
  4. Your employees and customers know where your brand is positioned in the marketplace.
  5. Your brand is clearly differentiated from the competition and employees and customers can articulate what that difference is.
  6. Your employees are trained on an ongoing basis to know your brand’s image, message and promise and understand how to portray that message and promise as brand ambassadors.
  7. Your marketing initiatives consistently deliver the brand’s image, message and promise.
  8. Your company invests a portion of its budget on brand marketing initiatives.
  9. Business decisions are evaluated for brand-worthiness.  In other words, business decisions are evaluated to ensure they are consistent with the brand image, message and promise.
  10. Your company employs branding experts who are responsible for maintaining the consistency and integrity of your brand (e.g., a Chief Brand Officer and staff). Read more

Marketing Your Brand

August 6, 2008

euro marketing brand strategy investment Marketing Your BrandDeveloping a brand doesn’t stop once you’ve come up with a name, logo and tagline.  An ongoing investment needs to be made not just in marketing your business and products but also in marketing your brand.  Over time, brands develop value.  Some of the top brands in the world are valued at tens of millions of dollars.  Brand equity is every brand manager’s ultimate goal, but how do you get there?

It could be argued that brand equity evolves organically as a result of traditional marketing of the business or product associated with that brand, but I believe there should be a specific investment in brand marketing each year.  Marketing budgets typically consist of the traditional product and service marketing-related tactics, but what about brand-building initiatives?  A portion of the marketing budget should be set aside for internal and external brand-building.  Read more

Branding and the Silo Effect

July 18, 2008

silos silo effect Branding and the Silo EffectIn marketing terminology, the silo effect occurs when a lack of communication or coordination of efforts between or within business units, departments, teams, etc. has a negative impact on overall performance in terms of meeting goals.  It’s important to be aware of the silo effect as it affects branding, because the negative affect to your brand could hurt your business and bottom-line in the long term. Read more

The 6 Hats of a Chief Brand Officer

May 14, 2008

Chief Brand Officer (CBO) – it’s still a fairly new term in the business world, or at least it’s still fairly unused. So what exactly is a chief brand officer? What does a CBO do, and what value does the CBO bring to an organization? Let’s take a closer look.
chief brand officer The 6 Hats of a Chief Brand Officer
First, if you haven’t already read Branding Spotlight: What is Branding? and Branding Spotlight – How to Develop a Brand, and you’re not clear on the basics of branding, then take a moment to read those posts. Then, come back to this post and read on to learn more about the role of a chief brand officer. Read more

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